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Marketing | Sales Strategy

What Is the Buyer's Journey and How to Use It in Pool & Spa Sales

People set out on a journey whenever they think about making a purchase.

Marketing | Sales Strategy

The Role of Product Marketing in Pool & Spa Sales

The pool and spa market is a unique one — these are typically high-value investments that customers cannot see entirely in person until they are in pl...

Sales Strategy | Customer Service

Creating Customer Loyalty with Pool Supply Pickup

Let’s face it, today’s customers have changed. They want convenience, and they demand excellence from the brands they trust.

Service & Installation | Customer Service

11 Expectations Clients Should Know With Pool & Spa Projects

Anticipating problems doesn’t make them go away, but it can help you, as a pool installer, mitigate unpleasant surprises that often arise with install...

Industry Trends

2022 Swimming Pool Industry Statistics Your Pool & Spa Company Needs to Know

Like everything these days, it has been a wild ride in the pool and spa industry in the last couple of years. If you were looking for calmer days, you...

Sales Strategy

Sales Closing Techniques for Pool & Spa Businesses

Most sales professionals have "the one that got away." The client who was so close to signing — but failed to purchase. You may not even know what wen...

Marketing | Sales Strategy

8 Marketing Tips for Swimming Pool Maintenance & Service Companies

Business owners need to market their services to reach clients — which applies to swimming pool maintenance and service companies. Potential customers...

Marketing | Sales Strategy

5 Tips to Sell Pool Supplies Online

Selling pool supplies online makes sense, especially when you consider that in 2020, people spent an average of 145 minutes per day on social media. P...

Marketing | Sales Strategy

Should You Use a Customer Incentive Program in Pool & Spa Retail?

Customer rewards and incentive programs have become big business for many brands and retailers. Grocery store chains, online stores, airlines, restaur...