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8 Marketing Tips for Swimming Pool Maintenance & Service Companies

Posted By Dan Bakotic
8 Marketing Tips for Swimming Pool Maintenance & Service Companies

Business owners need to market their services to reach clients — which applies to swimming pool maintenance and service companies. Potential customers might call you after seeing your business listed online or other local references. However, it's essential to market your company in multiple ways to build your business success and growth. Here are some tips to help you get started:

#1: Ensure you have a website

A website is the foundation for your business’s online presence. Consumers don't want to just call you. They want to learn what the company has to offer and why they should turn to you over someone else — and they want it all before they pick up the phone. Ensure your website is mobile-friendly and comprehensive enough, so they know what you do, where you are located, and what your appointment process looks like.

#2: Use your online presence to build a reputation

Having a website with a blog helps you create content that allows customers to learn from you. That's important for several reasons:

  • You can post blogs and articles to share on social media to get people to follow you.
  • You'll establish your company as an authority on pool maintenance and services. You want them to come to you when they have questions. Having content that's valuable and in-depth helps you to stand out.
  • Building an online presence allows you to create engagement opportunities with your prospective clients. Answer their questions on social media. Reach out to them when they send a message.

#3: Optimize your Google My Business profile

This profile is essential for businesses because it allows the search engines to present your business when customers are looking for what you offer. To optimize it, use the city names that you service in the profile. Most importantly, make sure all the information requested is listed, as that helps you get in some valuable keywords.

#4: Focus on local marketing

Business owners of pool companies need to focus on a local market. Creating content for a blog and social media allows you to do that. When you use keywords that contain the city names of where your company services, it helps the search engines to support your local customers. For example, a customer may type in "pool service companies near me" with the expectation that Google will show the companies in their area. When your website and blog use those types of terms, Google’s more likely to present your business to them.

Use hashtags with the cities you service and the specific types of work you do on social media. This strategy works well on sites like Instagram (great for showcasing photos of what you've accomplished) and Twitter, where people may be looking for recommendations for pool companies in your area.

#5: Make your content locally focused

Aside from just including city names in your content, provide specific information about your local area. For example, as a pool maintenance company, you can share tips on when clients should open or close their pool based on local weather conditions. If there's a bad storm that comes in, guide residents about what they can do to get their pool back into good condition and ready to swim in with rebalancing of chemicals or cleaning tips.

#6: Utilize reviews and feedback

Ask satisfied customers to leave you a review online, especially on social media. Consumers read reviews and take every one of them to heart. If someone leaves a bad review, respond to it professionally. The key here is to ensure that your company stands out in not just the work you do but the way you engage with and work with customers, even those who may not be happy. Consider implementing a customer incentive program.

#7: Talk to potential customers to get the switch

Don't be afraid to simply approach a prospective client and ask them if they need help with their pool maintenance. Consider neighbors to your existing clients. Send postcards to local consumers who have a pool offering your service. Be bold about supporting your company.

#8: Find ways to stand out from others

Do something that stands out from the competition:

  • Use green pool chemicals
  • Support a local charity important to the community
  • Offer training classes

No matter what you do, the goal is to help people see who your company is and what it has to offer. When you do that, you'll create a strong reputation online and offline, encouraging others to reach out to you, too.

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