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How To Connect With Local Swimming Pool Owners

Posted By Dan Bakotic
How To Connect With Local Swimming Pool Owners

Connecting with pool owners in your area requires careful attention to their needs. When a pool owner has a problem, you want them to think of you as the solution to that problem instantly. The hard part is getting into their mind and building brand loyalty before they even need your service. This is called brand awareness, which is core to your marketing efforts.

There isn’t just one method or strategy to follow to build brand awareness. Rather, pool companies need first to determine a few things, including:

  • Who your target customers are
  • What you can offer to solve their problem
  • Where they spend their time online or otherwise
  • How those people get the help they need
  • What is most important to them when making a buying decision


Once you define what makes your organization unique, you can then work to build your brand and communicate that brand image to your community. Here are some strategies that help with building brand awareness.

Build a Social Media Presence

Social media sites like Facebook and Instagram provide some of the best direct access to your would-be customers. When you invest in social media marketing, such as creating blogs and engaging posts, you develop a way for people to find you. You can share your posts in local community groups. You or your team members could offer help when someone reaches out on social media for pool guidance within a local community group.


Aside from this, social media creates an avenue for you to educate. It allows you to use informative posts and data to help you reach your audience and give them something interesting or insightful to share. When people see your social media posts because someone else shared them, they’re more likely to remember you later when they have a problem.

Incorporate Local SEO

Local search engine optimization (SEO) is a tool that allows you to incorporate specific keywords, such as city names, into your website and blog posts. By doing this, you create a way for the search engines to help with your branding on a local basis. For example, when someone searches for pool maintenance in their city, your website could appear in the top results of those pages. That helps you get more traffic to your website.

Create Customer Loyalty & Rewards Programs

Word of mouth is still one of the most important ways to build brand awareness. You do not have to do this online but can include many programs to help people learn about your business. A customer loyalty program is something many people in the pool industry appreciate because it may mean better pricing or faster service.


Referral programs are another tool. They allow people to receive a discount or benefit when they recommend you to another provider. Referral programs can be highly effective at helping to build brand recognition on a local level. Use your social media platform to communicate about these opportunities.

Be Involved Within the Community

There are many ways for a pool company to be involved in the community — and the more ways, the better. For example, you may wish to sponsor a local event. Donate to holiday displays within the community. Offer an informative class on balancing pool water right at the start of the summer months.


You can get involved in simple ways, too. Participate in local social media groups for your city. Don’t advertise there, but offer information and resources to community pool owners. Visit local HOA communities to offer discounts or reach out to pool owners who may need help getting their pools opened or closed for the season.

Consider Taking a Course

Training services help you build additional strategies for reaching your target market and gain insight into digital marketing technologies. You may want to take a course that enables you to organize your business, including how to improve customer service and sales processes that could be holding you back.


A component of this is often customer service. One of the most important ways to build your brand is by providing the best experience your customers can have. This will help them realize that, even if your prices are a bit higher, you are still the best company to turn to when there is a need for maintenance or other services.


Work to build your brand consistently. By creating a customer-focused business model that includes a lot of thought leadership, SEO, and overall solid digital marketing tools, you can build awareness of your company within your community. These strategies consistently encourage people to reach out to your company, boosting sales.

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