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Omnichannel vs. Multichannel & How Both Apply to the Pool & Spa Industry

Posted By Dan Bakotic
Omnichannel vs. Multichannel & How Both Apply to the Pool & Spa Industry

Anyone in sales or marketing has likely heard the terms omnichannel and multichannel. They seem like big, bold statements or marketing methods, but they are one of the most important foundations for any marketing campaign you create. Having the right marketing exposure and developing effective campaigns is critical to using your marketing dollars wisely in the pool and spa industry. Understanding these concepts may help you do that.

What Is Omnichannel?

Omnichannel marketing is the process of creating an integration of your brand, messaging, and all consumer touchpoints, including your online and offline efforts, into one. Every time a consumer interacts with your business, they are getting the same messaging, the same brand-building strategy, and the same overall experience. Whether they call your customer service team for answers or look at your social media pages, they should recognize that it is the same brand.

It is critical to create a consistent brand in terms of vision and tone to build omnichannel success. You also need to have a personalized message based on specific interests. When you have this type of plan in place, it makes it easier for consumers to interact with the brand across all of your channels.

What Is Multichannel?

Multichannel is a bit different. Multichannel is the process of distributing content across numerous channels. In short, the two are not different methods of marketing but two ways to describe how marketing will work.

In a multichannel method, an organization becomes available to its consumers in multiple areas. That includes print, in-store, and online. Being available like this across all channels is critical. It allows the business's customers to interact with you on multiple fronts in the way that works the best for their needs.

Multichannel should not be the only choice here. You should create several different ways for your business to be reached by customers but then apply omnichannel concepts to that. While that may seem a bit confusing, the idea is highly valuable.

How Can a Pool and Spa Company Use Omnichannel and Multichannel?

As noted, it is not necessary to choose one or the other. Instead, the goal here is to focus on using both to create multiple effective touchpoints for your customer. Keeping the brand image and message equal can offer several benefits to your pool and spa company. Here are some ways this can work for you.

Improve user experience

Omnichannel and multichannel marketing create consistency across all touchpoints for your clients. When a pool customer reaches out to you on social media, they will get the same type of support they would if they called you. This creates a better overall experience for the user. Over time, a good user experience also leads to more sales and better retention rates.

Increased revenue

Another potential benefit of this move is increasing revenue. When customers engage with your business like this and have multiple locations to contact and interact with you, they are more likely to come back to you time and time again for support. In many ways, this creates diversified engagement opportunities. The more opportunities to connect, the more value you offer your customers.

More cohesive strategy

Another way this can help your business is to help build your brand’s identity. For example, suppose your customers receive something in the mail from your company and see your social media information. This strategy will help them remember who your company is and what it offers. Over some time, they are more likely to build loyalty to you. Initially, they may come to you for that spa installation, but they may remember your brand enough through these touchpoints to come back to you again for repairs, upgrades, and supplies.

How To Implement Omnichannel & Multichannel Now

As a business owner, you want people to know your brand and be sure your brand is fully expressed. Take some time to develop your brand entirely. You then want to invest in creating a brand message that can be displayed across all channels. This can indeed take time, and it can take a lot of work. However, the benefits that come from this can be an excellent investment for you over the long term. When you invest in your marketing plan like this, you create long-term returns. Seek out a digital marketing company that can help you achieve these goals.

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