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3 Outdoor Living Space Ideas for Any Budget

Posted By Dan Bakotic
3 Outdoor Living Space Ideas for Any Budget

There was a time when the backyard was a focal point for the home. It was a place for family recreation, entertaining friends, or a relaxing haven from the world's stresses. For a time, trends shifted away from then, but in recent years, they are slowly shifting back.

Today more homeowners are focusing on their outdoor spaces to create entertainment or relaxing environments. While not every homeowner has the same budget, there are ways to help every client spruce up their backyard, whether it’s a furniture refresh or a complete makeover.

Here are some creative and practical ideas for working with clients on outdoor living projects, big and small.

Small Budget Backyard Updates

Small changes can make a big difference in outdoor home décor. Changing the upholstery and rugs or switching out pillows and cushions is an obvious choice. However, other creative small changes can make a big difference.

Container garden

Growing a garden in containers is a trend that has steadily gained popularity, especially in recent years. Select interesting containers in various shapes and complementary colors for a strong visual impact.

Fire pit table

Multifunctional outdoor pieces are always a wise choice, and a fire pit table won’t disappoint. It becomes a gathering place because it can be used as a dining table, then converted to a fire pit for entertaining, making s’mores with the kids, or just having some alone time with someone special.

Comfy seating

An oversized chair or a loveseat with lots of plush pillows gives a cozy feel and is great for more intimate gatherings. Adding an outdoor egg chair or two provides a quick, economic update with significant results.

Reading nook

Comfy seating for one, a small table, a decorative divider, and good lighting make for an easy, low-cost reading nook. Tuck it into a low-traffic area to make use of unused space.

Wine fridge

A wine fridge is a quick upgrade that is perfect for the homeowner who entertains or just enjoys a glass of wine while relaxing on the patio after a long day.

Medium Budget Backyard Projects

A medium budget is probably where most outdoor living space upgrades fall. The client doesn’t want to do a complete revamp but changing a couple of pillows isn’t enough. Your job is to provide them with ideas that will work for their lifestyle and budget to give them the results they are looking for.

Outdoor gym

The pandemic has changed how we all do things; what we once left home to do is now done in the home. Home gyms are a trend that has sprung from that. A half court for shooting hoops, a weight area, or a net for volleyball is one of the more functional outdoor living space ideas that work for personal use as well as for entertaining.

Outdoor tub

Adding a hot tub to an outdoor space is rarely a significant task. It is a reasonably easy way to increase the home’s value and the entertainment factor.

Outdoor office

As more people work from home, outdoor offices have soared in popularity. While commuting is a pain, it allows people to get outside for a while. With an outdoor office, they can work outside in the fresh air and sunshine!

Outdoor kitchen

An outdoor kitchen makes entertaining a breeze and keeps the cook right where the action is instead of isolated indoors. Adding a stove, oven, and lots of counter space works well. A built-in grill and refrigerator add convenience and lots of options.

Living wall

A living wall utilizes the technology of hydroponics to grow greenery, flowers, or even edible vegetation in a wall, creating a vertical garden. It can be as complex as a full-scale wall with built-in areas for planting, or it can be as simple as pots hung on a trellis.

Complete Outdoor Living Redesigns

Sometimes homeowners want to change their backyard space completely. This requires careful communication so you know what they want and expect. These complete redesign ideas help steer them into something practical for their space and something they will love.

Complete decor update

Changing the entire decor typically means moving in a totally different direction and starting from scratch (or close to it). Popular furniture choices right now include cane and Polywood. Popular decor styles are Japan di (Scandinavian-Japanese), resort, and organic modern.

Modular furniture

Outdoor modular furniture offers endless options for redesigning an outdoor space. A sectional can be one long piece or separated to become two chairs. The pieces can be moved and mixed to create the desired look with minimal effort.

Zen garden

Adding a Zen garden to a backyard space brings nature to their doorstep. It exudes calmness and is excellent for relaxation and meditation. Add a fountain, some well-placed stones, and a few garden sculptures for a peaceful paradise.

Backyard escape

A backyard escape usually requires a complete overhaul of the space with extensive landscaping, a pool, furniture, and other accents like fountains and gardens.

Detached living space

A detached living space, sometimes called a “granny flat,” can be used for guests, an apartment for elderly parents or grown children, an Airbnb rental, or a space for hobbies, such as a woodworking shed! There are tons of possibilities! 


Providing your customers with outdoor living space ideas that transform their backyards into exciting and beautiful extensions of their homes is rewarding and profitable. Find ways to make their spaces personal to them, and the sale is in the bag.

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