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Make your pool sparkle with Loop Loc PearlEssence Liners.

Make your pool sparkle with Loop Loc PearlEssence Liners.

LOOP-LOC, a national leader in pool safety covers and liners, has introduced a new way to make your pool a visual treat in your backyard environment. The new PearlEssence pool liners join the existing colors and patterns available in LOOP-LOC's catalog of luxury pool liners.

PearlEssence pool liners are infused with iridescent inks that give the patterns sparkle and shine that shimmers elegantly in the pool's depths. These glittering patterns add even greater visual appeal to your pool and deck area, creating a breathtaking new look for your outdoor recreation area.

LOOP-LOC's PearlEssence pool liners are available in 6 different patterns and colors:


  1. Opalescent Blues: Set on a white base, the varied shades of blue in this pattern gives your pool an inviting look that recalls the tropics.
  2. Platinum Onyx: A dark shade set on a black base, Platinum Onyx creates a deep and sophisticated look for your pool.
  3. Luminous Soul: Sparkling and multicolored, this pattern fuses many shades of blue, lavender and white to create a calming and tranquil effect in your pool.
  4. Moonstone: The Moonstone pattern is designed to capture and reflect the rays of the sun as they shine down, using the greatest source of illumination in nature as a source of shimmering brilliance in your pool.
  5. Bronze Reflections: Bronze iridescent inks create a bold and beautiful style to give your pool a serene yet rich glow that is characteristic of the PearlEssence™ collection.
  6. Silver Cloud: Silver iridescent inks glitter like the proverbial silver lining of a cloud, or the glow of pearls - a most appropriate allusion to the PearlEssence™ name.

LOOP-LOC's PearlEssence pool liners join the company's other luxury pool liner patterns, providing customers with a total of 31 different patterns designed for in-ground pools. A total of 19 of these patterns are exclusive to LOOP-LOC. The line also includes 19 textured step patterns for pool steps.

Most LOOP-LOC pool liner patterns are available in strong 20 or 28 mil virgin vinyl. The custom-fitted pool liners come with a 20-year prorated warranty that ensures you'll receive the longest term of service from these beautiful but sturdy pool liners. 

Contact Mid America Sales today for more information on PearlEssence pool liners and how they can transform your pool's appearance to make it a shimmering, glittering focus point for outdoor fun and entertainment.

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