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Importance of Post-Sales Support for Pool & Spa Retailers and Installers

Posted By Dan Bakotic
Importance of Post-Sales Support for Pool & Spa Retailers and Installers

Making a pool sale is fantastic, but the relationship does not stop there. Companies that do well in this industry offer ongoing post-sales support that helps ensure customers know where to go when they need help. After-sales services can give customers more confidence in the business and ensure customers recommend the pool company to their friends and family.

What type of post-sales support does your organization provide? For pool and spa retailers and installers, numerous opportunities are available to help organizations capitalize on these critical opportunities.

What Is Post-Sales Support?

Post-sales support and services are any type of sales process or service provided after the initial sale of a product or service. This could be selling additional products and services or providing guidance or support for specific and ongoing needs.


This support is an excellent way to delight customers. It’s easy for customers to feel forgotten about after a sale occurs. That’s not because the company wants to provide a reduced service level but because sales teams often turn their attention to new sales opportunities. However, putting additional effort and time into these already converted leads could pay off for companies in many ways.

How Post-Sales Support Applies to Pools & Spas

Post-sales support may come in various forms, but it consistently delivers value to clients and keeps them coming back for advice, add-ons, and more. Here are some ways that pool and spa companies can use post-sales support for their companies.

Provide Maintenance Services

Once the pool is installed, companies can continue to work to meet the needs of their clients by providing maintenance services, including opening and closing services, routine maintenance and upkeep, or specialized annual maintenance packages. This not only helps reassure the buyer that they are not left to manage these services on their own, but it also enables them to add additional revenue to the business.


Even if the company does not provide maintenance services directly, they may wish to link to companies in the area that do. This provides an opportunity for companies to create partnerships and cross-selling opportunities.

Encourage Referrals

When you know you have provided superior service to your clients, you are confident that they are happy and will talk to their friends about the service. Going back a few weeks later to provide an opportunity for them to reconnect and ask questions is good business practice. It helps each client to know their business matters.


This is also a great time to offer customer incentives when they refer other clients to you. Inform them about a discount or special offer whenever they recommend your services to others. Other times, you can just ask for their referral. “I’m glad you’re happy with the services we provided. Be sure to let your friends know about us.”


Another way that after-sales support can be beneficial is by providing a way for customers to get additional help. Perhaps they love their new pool, but they wish they had installed more jets or a water feature. Maybe they are thinking about adding a secondary spa nearby. One of the best reasons to reach back out to your existing customers is because it allows you to get more of their business.


If you are a pool maintenance company, you may be able to reach back out in the middle of the season and find out what additional services they may need that you offer. You may want to talk about upgrades to their filtration system or the benefit of adding a pool liner in the fall this year.


Add-ons like this are not as hard to sell once the client has the pool installed and is enjoying using it. Provide them with a way to make their experience even better than what they have now.

Improving Your Service Level Is Good for Business

Creating the modern customer experience in the pool and spa industry is critical to getting another sale and building the company’s reputation and brand image. Your business needs to make a positive impression so that word-of-mouth advertising works on your behalf. After-sales support makes it easier to create new opportunities to positively impress your customers and provide them with a bit more confidence in your company. Consumers like it when companies check in to make sure all is well.

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