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Primo Ceramic Grills - The Oval shape Makes the difference

Posted By Ralph Miller
Primo Ceramic Grills - The Oval shape Makes the difference

A ceramic grill provides more precise temperature adjustments and greater cooking consistency than conventional metal grills. The oval shape exclusive to Primo models offers still greater advantages. Primo Ceramic Grills are the only American-made model on the market today. While many imports have exhibited issues of workmanship and reliability, Primo Ceramic Grills are built to higher domestic standards.  A Primo model offers long service life and simple maintenance resulting in much higher consumer satisfaction than with imports.

In 2002, Primo took the ceramic grill design to the next level by introducing the oval shape—an exclusive Primo innovation. The patented oval design improves upon standard ceramic grills and opens up an even wider range of uses. 

Here are some of the benefits consumers gain when they choose from among the oval-shaped Primo models:

  • An oval design increases the available area for charcoal placement, dispersing the heat source for even faster, more uniform heating of the ceramic material.  
  • The improved heat dispersion in an oval-shaped ceramic design facilitates truly indirect grilling.
  • A taller lid provides more grilling space and allows multi-level grilling and utilization of accessories like a turkey roaster.
  • Because space is frequently a factor in today’s downsized outdoor cooking environments, the oval design affords more cooking area with a smaller footprint on the patio, particularly when compared to round ceramic or barrel-shaped metal alternatives.  
  • The ceramic composition absorbs heat energy readily, then releases it steadily over a longer period of time than metal. This substantially reduces the amount of charcoal required to achieve high temperatures and consistent heat. Less charcoal also means less ash to scoop out after cooking.
  • An oval design offers great flexibility to cook for a large dinner gathering or just an intimate few. Plus it gives the option of both direct and indirect grilling at the same time.

For more information on the Primo Ceramic Grill and its patented oval shape, contact Mid America Sales.

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